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Stopping Testosterone

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Post from new user [Jul. 5th, 2014|12:56 pm]
Stopping Testosterone
Hello. I've found this community while strongly considering quitting T therapy. I'm on T since late 2006. I had my breasts removed but I've decided to keep my ovaries and uterus down there. I would like to ask you, especially people who were on T for longer than couple of years, prefereably 6,7,8 years and more, a couple of questions that can't stop thinking about.

1. Did your body shape change drastically after stopping T? My case is quite funny because even after 8 years I look more or less the same. I've got a bit slimmer on T, losing my butt area but I've never been very girlish in shape nor am I very man-looking (but enougt to pass in 100%) If my body reverted to its pre-T shape...I would be fine with it but still I would like to keep what I have to the most possible degree.

2. If you experienced balding/thinning hair...did it grow back and became better in texture/density? I am aware that once it's lost, it's never possible to recover it to juvenile hairline. I used to have long hair for years and I still keep it long. It's still good looking hair but it's receding in temple area and definitely thinner than it used to be in pre-T time. I've always had rather fine hair (but it was a LOT to begin with). To keep it short: did you regrow some? And did the remaining hair gained density/thickness? I am super worried about this

3. Did you experience weight gain or weight loss while being off T? I've always been rather slim and Testosterone made me even slimmer as it cause my butt fat disappear. I don't know what to expect because I'm no longer 20 and metabolism tends to go slower with years. I hope to stay the same but please share your experience.

Thank you very much in advance for any answer

PS. Sorry for any possible typos or mistakes, English is my second language.

From: (Anonymous)
2014-08-03 07:01 am (UTC)

answering your q's

I was on T for 5 years, and have been off for about 5 now. My hair started to thin and recede when I started T, and even since stopping, I have continued to lose hair to the point that I now have a bald spot. I was told that once you begin to lose hair, that's something that can't be reversed, regardless of your hormones. Might be worth doing more research, as I've plainly given up on my hair…or lack there of.

My body shape reverted to it's original form, and I dare say got a little curvier (ugh) after I went through the egg donor part of IVF treatment…All the estrogen they had me on really messed me up! Regardless, my body reverted to its old female patterns shortly after stopping T.

My weight gain after stopping T was more related to my lifestyle activities, I think. I maintained decent weight for the most part, then spent 3 months riding my bicycle across the country and began to eat as if food was going out of style to keep up on the calories I needed for the ride. But I continued to eat in the same manner post ride, and have become considerably less active since. The weight I have gained has gone back on my body in female patterns.

Hope this helps a little. Obviously every person is different.

At this point, I'm considering going back on T, but am finding little to no research about starting, stopping, then restarting T and how that affects general health. I simply just don't feel right in my own skin without it anymore, and I hate looking at myself in the mirror these days.
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From: sid71
2014-08-16 05:36 pm (UTC)

Re: answering your q's

As for hair...I suppose that it should stop falling out as much when you stop taking T. Almost 100% of trans guys who stopped are reporting stopping of hair loss. I guess your case could be a result of further hormonal intake as you say you've got some kind of treatment after stopping T. Hair reacts to hormonal changes so if there is constantly something changing, it may keep falling.

Anyway, I will find it out eventually. I'm off T for about 1,5 months right now and I see no big changes anywhere.

thanks for replying me!
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