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endometrial ablation [Mar. 12th, 2014|12:25 am]
Stopping Testosterone

i'm not on testosterone at the moment for various reasons but i was on for 6 years, and live full time as male / stealth. since being off t eventually bleeding restarted and none of my attempts to stop it (mainly having an IUD inserted) have helped, which has been quite stressful, although i've been coping much better than i did pre-t.

my doctor has been really helpful and she's offered me a referral for endometrial ablation. i was wondering if anybody has undergone this procedure and whether or not it was effective in ceasing bleeding long term? i'd really love to speak to somebody who has been through this experience. i guess i have some reservations as it's a procedure i know very little about.

if people would prefer not to comment here i'm happy for anyone to send me a direct message.


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From: (Anonymous)
2014-07-05 10:34 am (UTC)
I'm on T for about 8 years and I'm just about to stop. Can you please answer me 3 questions? I'm paranoid since I made this decision and I've finally found people who're also quitting. It was important for me to find someone who experienced long term therapy, not only a year or two. I don't want detransitioning, I will keep living as male.

Please tell me if:

1) has your body shape and male look changed drastically to its female shape or is it easy to pass? While I was (and still am) on T, my body shape was...more or less the same. really. I've never been very girlish "woman" and even now, as a 28 years old guy, I look more like a teenager with my face and body shape. If my body turned back to its female shape it would...probably stay as it is with little change in butt area maybe. Thast one of the reasons I am about to quit. Voice and facial hair are one of the irreversible changes and I have it already.

2) Did your head hair grow back in already balding/thinning area (if you had this problem but most of FTM guys do) Or maybe it just stopped falling out and freezed in its current state? Does it feel better/thicker in the places where the hair grow normally? (super important for me)

3. did you experience weight loss or weight gain after stopping T?

Thanks a lot in advance for any answers

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